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Mail Piece Design Professional Certification 2018
 Location: GMF
$ 179.00

The Mail Piece Design Professional Program teaches mailing industry personnel how to design mail to enhance its compatibility with U.S. Postal Service automated equipment. It also coaches mailers on how to achieve lower postage prices through automation.

The Curriculum includes:

● Maximizing eligibility for postage discounts
● Discussing the five classes of mail
● Deciding Nonprofit eligibility
● Recognizing barcode formats.
● Designing mail for automation
● Designing Reply Mail pieces
● Determining mailability, processing categories and Machinability.
● Using Address Information System (AIS) Products

At the conclusion of today’s session you should be prepared to take the certification test to earn your certificate as a Mail Piece Design Professional. A certificate that attests to your knowledge of how to design mail pieces that will effectively leverage the postal system for efficient processing and delivery.  You are one your own when it comes time for the message, but you will have mastered the medium and will be certified to prove it!